A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches  - Deborah Harkness

Before you start this book, consider carefully whether you really need to read about vampires doing complex yoga poses by holding themselves up with one ear.

I really wanted to like this book. I ended up quitting at about chapter 10. Unfortunately the author started off by giving a detailed family history about the main character before the reader has any reason to care about her. Readers were also treated to a few pages where Diana tells us about her stalker's work history.

We eventually discover Diana is intelligent, successful, athletic, blonde, and a super powerful witch. Of course, the only thing that we are actually shown is her habit of taking her anger out on the people around her. We have to take Diana's word for the rest of it, because the only three things she seemed to do were yoga, drinking tea, and reading.

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The book is written in first person -which always makes me cringe because so few authors excel at it- except for the few times that she switched to third person. From the looks of it, the author really, really wanted to talk about Michael, the vampire, but couldn't think of a way to do it while Diana was narrating.

Apparently the author thought Edward Cullen was the perfect specimen of a man (but could stand to be a little more sexist), because Michael is also a really hot vampire who orders Diana around, makes decisions for her, is very concerned with being able to refrain from killing her, and breaks into her apartment to watch her sleep. Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't just name the character Bedward Mullen.

The book lost me when

the author made a switch to third person because she was dying to tell the reader that Michael has fallen in love with Diana despite having known her for roughly a week. Two meaningful conversations were enough to let him know she's the one, but he's very concerned because the last time he loved a woman he killed her. Good thing we got an entire chapter of his manpain to let us know that underneath that violent, stoic, stalker exterior is a heart full of passion.

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I couldn't read any more after that.

Well, at least I didn't pay for it. Thank you, public libraries.