The Complete Brambly Hedge

The Complete Brambly Hedge - Jill Barklem All of these stories are wonderfully illustrated with well-thought out, incredibly detailed scenes. At least half the enjoyment in this book comes from poring over them. The stories are charming and perfect for young children. Or single adults who are indulging their nostalgia and like pretty pictures.

I remember having the book Sea Story as a child and really loving the illustrations. Twenty-something years later, I work in Japan teaching children and thought of the book when lesson planning. A few months later I thought of it again and decided to see if there were more stories and if I could buy it. I was very happy to find that there are actually 8 stories and Japan sells the hardcover compilation for around 3,000¥. So I ordered one. I don't even have children of my own, just wanted a copy for myself!