Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Go Away, Big Green Monster! - Ed Emberley My Preschool students love this book! Whenever I finish reading it to them, they always ask me to read it one more time. And I always agree, because there's no way I'm not going to reward an interest in books!

I make sure to reiterate the pages when the monster starts "going away" body part by body part -e.g, "No eyes!"- because my students are learning English as their second language, and the kids always have fun miming the pages. For example, when I gasp and tell them the monster has no ears, they clap their hands over their own ears.

Go Away, Big Green Monster! has a great message for children. On the first read through, many of them are on the edge of their seat (and just a tiny bit nervous!) as the monster is constructed bit by bit. As it goes away in the reverse order, kids find that the monster isn't so scary after all and they have the power to banish their own fears. On a second read through, the anticipation turns gleeful and the monster becomes funny.

This is a book young children have fun with and will request again and again.