Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Prisoner of the Daleks - Trevor Baxendale The author of this book wrote an interesting plot, and was skilled at creating tension between the characters. Unfortunately, the book suffered from mediocre writing. While the author did well creating tension, there was very little actual suspense. One major problem I had with the book was that the only likeable character in the entire book was the Doctor, so I found it hard to care when unfortunate things happened to the others. There is one female character the others all hold in high esteem, and she serves as motivation for them. It's clear that the reader is supposed to share those feelings, but the author seemed to think that talking about how great she is was an adequate substitute for actual depth. Also, most of the characters had idiotic names. Personally, I cannot take anyone named Scrum or Cuttin' Edge seriously. And someone should have told the author that spelling Coral with a K doesn't make it seem exotic.

This book was a gift, which is probably the only reason I finished it. That, and it didn't take very long due to the simplistic prose. It should probably only be read by really dedicated Doctor Who fans.