The Name of the Rose

The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco This was an interesting book that deals with a lot of concepts, but I admit I mostly like it because the mystery involves books and making books by hand. The Sherlock-esque main character and his Watson must solve a murder mystery in a 14th century abbey.

The book brings up many themes, and is not the kind of thing you can just relax and get through in a day. It's a story for people who enjoy analyzing their literature, and the prose is dense. My main problem with the book was that the information on the history of various religious sects was not presented in a way that I found fun to read. It felt more like info dumps that interrupted pacing that was already slow, even though I knew there was a reason for why the reader was being given the information and a point that the author was trying to make.

My first time reading this book went smoothly, and I liked it a lot. Re-reading it proved tedious, and I gave up in favor of a book I hadn't read before. I still plan on reading it again, just not soon.