I Shall be Near to You

I Shall be Near to You - Erin Lindsay McCabe

I Shall be Near to You tells the story of Rosetta Wakefield, who has never felt entirely comfortable within the rigid confines of women's gender roles. When her new husband signs up to fight in the Union army, she dresses as a man and enlists in his regiment to avoid being separated from him.


This novel was interesting but I really can't give it more than three stars. I felt the novel itself lacked depth. It's memorable more for the subject matter than the writing or the characters. Rosetta is really the only well-developed character in the novel. It was satisfying to see her growth over the course of the book, but everyone else fell flat. 


I would recommend this novel for anyone with a specific interest in women's participation in the (American) Civil War or anyone who has reached the end of their to-read list and is at a loss for what to read next, but that's about it.