An Irish Country Village

An Irish Country Village - Patrick Taylor

In this sequel to an Irish Country Doctor, Doctor Barry Laverty has the first major setback of his career when a patient in Ballybuckleboo dies suddenly. Now, Laverty must continue learning the ins and outs of being a small-town GP from Doctor O'Reilly, regain the trust of the townspeople and navigate his brand-new romance with Patricia all at once. And, of course, Councillor Bishop is up to something again.


Like the first book, this novel feels like a cross between James Herriot and Jan Karon. It had a very pleasant ambiance, the characters were memorable, and it was just a very pleasant read in general. Despite the more serious plot, nothing is particularly awful or even particularly suspenseful. It was very relaxing to read. The storyline is less meandering than the first book, though. Basically, if you liked the first book in this series, you'll like the second book just as much.